About us

For a sustainable city

We are researching for our two purposes: “Resilience of Edo-Tokyo, a Sustainable City” and “Spreading Architecture technologies for Disaster Prevention mixed with innovation and tradition”.

From a major modernisation event in Japan, called Meiji-Restoration( JP:明治維新/Meiji-Ishin) in 1868 to nowadays, Japan has been developed itself for a better nation in the world. Through 2-World War, defeat in WW2, and resilience from it, we became one of the highly developed countries in the World.

However, a highly developed system also produces some problems such as low resiliency and sustainability in the city.

To solve this problem, to build resiliency and sustainability for the next decade, next century. we need to learn the wisdom of the past.

This is why we are established.


  • Holding a Symposium
  • Proposal to a Metropolitan Governmant

Resolution for the future

By gathering more cooperation in the architecture field, we are going to continue researching for our purposes. Then we will return the results to where we are: Kagurazaka, Tokyo.